conversational voiceover

A Conversational Voiceover Your Customers Will Trust

Sure, we didn’t always want to listen to our dad. But deep down, we knew he had our best interests at heart. He could always make us laugh, feel loved, feel confident, feel safe. Connect with your audience with the warm, confident, and conversational voiceover they trust most – The Voice of America’s Dad.

Your dad is the only one who can call you a moron in one sentence.

And tell you how much he loves you in the next.

Conversational Voiceover For:

eLearning Narration

Explainer Videos

Audio Tours

Corporate Video

Also Available For…

TV/Radio Spots

Medical Narration

Telephone Greetings, IVR Prompts, and On-Hold Messages

Podcast Intros & Outros

Virtual Real Estate Tours

Video Games & Apps

3 Easy Steps To A Great Sounding Voiceover

Step 1

Send Me Your Script

  • Fill out the easy form HERE, telling me more about your organization and project.
  • Include your script and directions for how you want it read.
  • Let me know other important details for your project: deadline, how you want it delivered, if you want extras such as background music, etc.

Step 2

I’ll record it

  • I’ll analyze your script and ask any follow-up questions I have about pronunciation, style, tone, and pacing.
  • I’ll record your script in my home studio.
  • For longer scripts, I’ll provide samples along the way for your feedback and approval.

Step 3

I’ll send it back fast

  • After recording, I’ll edit and master your audio, adding background music or sound effects if desired.
  • Shorter scripts are usually delivered in under 24 hours.
  • I’ll deliver a high-quality, professionally edited and mastered WAV, mp3, or AIFF file by email, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

From me, you can expect…


I deliver most projects in under 24 hours!


In my personal studio, I record in an acoustically treated space, ensuring that there is no background noise in your recording. I also professionally edit and master your audio so it’s ready to use right away. You won’t have to do anything extra!


Time is money, and I’ll take care of your conversational voiceover quickly and efficiently. You’ll also hear from me throughout the process so you can provide feedback and request revisions. I’m here to make YOU sound good, and I’ll make sure I do.

Not sure if I’m the right voice for you?

Click the red button to get a FREE 100-word audition and quote for your project. I’ll record a sample of YOUR script in my voice so you can hear what it would sound like.