Real Estate Voiceover

real estate voiceover

When someone buys a home, who do they bring to the home inspection?


Trust The Voice of America’s Dad For Your Real Estate Voiceover

Buying a home is one of those large purchases that most folks seek out their dad for help with. Think about how many buyers’ dads show up at home inspections. Why not help put your buyers’ minds at ease with a comforting, genuine voiceover for your virtual tours?

You Have Virtual Tours, Right?

You know by now how important a virtual tour is to your real estate business. Sure, you can schedule showings with individual buyers and maybe some limited open houses. But more often than not, real estate agents are turning to virtual tours to showcase their listings.

Enhance Your Current Virtual Tours with Real Estate Voiceover

real estate voiceover jimkirkvo Jim Kirk The Voice of America's Dad

Most marketers know that images don’t sell. Words do.

Don’t just show your buyers still pictures of your listing.

Tell them a story about how a potential home is just waiting to take care of their family.

Or how a condo takes away the stress of home maintenance for a retired couple.

Make sure they don’t miss a thing.

Adding a professional narration to your virtual tour videos will make sure your buyers see and hear about everything your listings have to offer.

A Real Estate Voiceover is less expensive than you think. You can’t afford to not have one in your virtual tours.

On Time

Time is money. I can turn your project around in 24 hours or less. Get your Virtual Tour posted to your website and social media pronto.

On Budget

A professional, broadcast-quality voiceover does not have to be expensive. Virtual Tours start at just $50.


Get your voiceover the way you want it and when you need it.


I record from a personal studio, which produces professional, broadcast-quality sound so you won’t have to do anything extra.

Still Not Sure? Get a Free Sample.

If you’re still not sure if I’m the right voice for you, then, CLICK HERE to get a free sample and a quote. If you send me a portion of your script, I’ll record a free sample of it and send it back to you so you can hear your listing in my voice. This is free, with no strings attached. Just fill out the form at the link above, and I’ll show you how a high-quality, professional real estate voiceover will set your virtual tours apart from your competitors.