Phone System Voiceover

phone system voiceover

Impress your customers with a phone system that doesn’t sound like everyone else’s.

What if your customers actually enjoyed calling you?

Do You Really Want To Sound Like Everyone Else?

By now, we all know what to expect when we call a business. We are thanked for calling, told our call might be recorded, and then given some menu options. Usually, we have to listen all the way through the menu options to make sure we make the smart choice, then listen to them all over again. Hopefully, we get to the right person.

  • Why not make your phone system voiceover warm and inviting?
  • Why not make it conversational?
  • Why not make it fun? Entertaining?

You’re probably wasting one of your most important marketing tools – Your Phone System

Certainly, you want to keep hold times to a minimum. But the reality is your customers will spend at least some time on hold. Don’t waste that time on hold with just music! Let your customers know all about your exciting offers, amazing amenities, exclusive deals, and fantastic features and benefits. You could be engaging with your customers, even entertaining them, while they are on hold.

What about those rare times when your hold times are really long? Sometimes it just happens, leading to frustrated, angry customers. But there is a solution! If your hold time is running long, why not offer a promotional discount to make up for any frustration? Don’t want every customer to get the code? Only offer it when your hold time exceeds five minutes! Surprise and delight your customers even while they’re on hold, and they’ll keep coming back.

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You’ll never look at your phone system the same way again.