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medical narration

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The Voice of America’s Dad

Calming Authority. Genuine Warmth.

I’m known as The Voice of America’s Dad because my voice carries the right mix of calming authority and genuine warmth. In addition, my warm, conversational voice will hold your audience’s attention and deliver your message with clarity and trust. We trust our doctors, nurses, surgeons, and medical staff to be experts. Do the same for your medical narration needs. Trust in an expert voiceover talent to deliver a seamless, engaging narration.

Go with an experienced English teacher who can flawlessly deliver complex and technical narration.

Complex vocabulary?

No problem.

I may not have experience in the medical field, but I do have over 10 years of experience as a classroom English teacher. I know how to make complex ideas and concepts accessible and easy to understand. Also, I have extensive knowledge of Greek and Latin pronunciation for technical and medical scripts.

Complex vocabulary and technical jargon in your script? No problem. Trust me to deliver correct and flawless pronunciation.

From complex medical procedures for doctors to accounting and billing software for hospitals, trust someone who can do it all.

Use my medical narration voiceover for:

  • training videos and modules
  • patient information videos
  • explainer videos for treatments and medications
  • instructional videos for healthcare and medical billing software
  • audible warnings and instructions for medical equipment such as defibrillators

Save time and money when it’s done right the first time.

On time, On Budget, Hassle-free Medical Narration

You won’t need a second opinion here. Save yourself the time and hassle of having to record multiple takes of your medical narration script. Go with an experienced narrator who can deliver on time, on budget, and hassle-free.

Still not sure I’m right for your script? Contact me today for a FREE audition and quote. You’ll hear your script in my voice so you can hear what it will sound like. No obligation. No pressure.

Let’s get started today, and you’ll be glad you trusted an expert.