There are always questions. There are always answers.

When can you deliver my project?

For short projects, I normally ask for a minimum of 48 hours. This gives me time to give your script the attention it deserves. However, I am able to deliver projects of 1,000 words or less in under 24 hours if needed.

For longer projects, the timeline depends on the length and complexity of the script. Please request a quote to get a better sense of a timeline.

Can I afford you? What are your rates?

Absolutely! You’ll find that my rates are in line with, but below, industry standard rates. Check out my rates page, or request a quote. If you don’t see rates within your budget, don’t write me off! Let me know, and we can try to work something out.

How should I prepare my script?

If you need your script to be a certain length just try reading it out loud with a watch before you send it.  Be realistic about content and timing.  If you can’t fit your copy into 30 seconds chances are I won’t be able to either! 😉

Spell out odd words, names, places, web sites, etc phonetically so that I know how it is to be pronounced.  For example do you want your web site address delivered as dot O-R-G or .org.

Will you do a custom demo or audition for my script?

Of course! I will definitely provide a custom demo for your project.  Thanks for asking!  At the end of the day I want you to be content with your finished product and that means finding the right voice and delivery.  If you provide me with a sample of your script I will gladly provide you with a short demo.

Please make sure you give clear direction on the type of read and delivery you are looking for.

Email your script and directions to jim@jimkirkvo.com.

Can I get a revision on my audio?

I will always correct mistakes on my part free of charge. I also include 1 free revision with each project. Revisions may incur an additional fee if they are due to script changes after script approval or recording has taken place. After the free revision, revisions are $5 per 100 words. Any billable revisions will be discussed and a quote will be provided.

How will you deliver my finished audio?

In most cases delivering you audio by email is the easiest.  If email does not work for you, or if the file size is large I can also deliver via Dropbox or Google Drive.

Can you do any accents?

I’m glad you asked! I am a native New Englander, born and raised just south of Boston, so I can definitely do a Boston/New England Accent. This is a hard (wicked hahd) accent to get right because most people over do it and it doesn’t sound natural. It’s also about much more than just dropping “r’s”. If you want an authentic Boston accent, you have to go with a local – like me.

I love highlighting my Boston roots. I’ve been the voice of John Adams and Sam Adams for historical documentaries, and my accent is perfect for commercials and comedy. Reach out to me if you want this accent. I love to use it!

Can you add background music?

Yes, for short projects I’m happy to. I can include a music file of your choosing, or I can offer you a library of music and sound effects to choose from. I can make some suggestions as well, but ultimately you need to pick what you think is right for your project. There is an additional fee for this service.

Do you offer different styles of voiceover?

Yes, definitely. Most people request a conversational, natural read. However, I can be happy, sad, upbeat, serious, easy-going, next-door neighbor, friendly, or just about anything you want.

What time zone are you in, and where are you located?

The time zone is Eastern Time Zone (USA – New York). I am located in Boston, Massachusetts.

What’s your favorite color?