eLearning Voiceover

elearning voiceover

If he can inspire this audience, imagine what he can do with yours.

Trust a certified teacher with your eLearning voiceover.

With 10+ years experience as a middle school teacher, I know a thing or two about grabbing the attention of a disengaged and distracted audience. I know how to hold that attention and keep it engaged for an extended period of time.

It’s not just middle school students who are distracted. Adult audiences are distracted, too. Social media, YouTube, and other responsibilities like work email and parenting constantly lure us away.

Your curriculum needs to be clear and engaging. It needs to be interesting and fun. And it also needs a great voiceover. Most folks need to see and hear to let information sink in completely. Visuals alone aren’t enough. That’s where I come in. I can provide a clear, engaging eLearning voiceover for your project.

I will help you grab the attention of your audience… and keep it.

Do I really need a human voice?


There is some great software out there that nearly replicates the natural sound of a human voice. Nearly. But not completely.

For some projects, an artificial voice may be sufficient. The cheaper cost of text-to-speech may offset the need for a human voice.

However, even the most sophisticated artificial intelligence voices still cannot compare to a real human voice. And no matter what these companies say, the difference between the artificial voice and a real human voice is definitely noticeable.

Nothing will cause your audience to tune out faster than an artificial voice.

Go With An Actual Teacher

Here’s how choosing me for your eLearning voiceover will help you:

  • Certified teacher – I understand how people learn and will be able to interpret your script quickly.
  • Conversational delivery – Your audience will feel like I’m there talking to them, keeping them engaged and interested.
  • Personal Studio, Professional Equipment – You’ll get the same quality sound as from a high-cost production studio, but faster and cheaper.
  • Broadcast-quality Audio – Your audio will be fully edited and mastered to professional standards. You won’t have to do anything extra.
  • Fast Turnaround – I know voiceover is often the last part of production, and I will work quickly and efficiently to deliver your project on time and fast.
  • Low, Reasonable Rates – Use the money in your budget on other important aspects of your training, like animations and visuals.

If you’re still not sure I’m the right voice actor for your project, Contact Me for a FREE sample and quote. I’ll record a portion of your script for free and send it back to you. Then you can hear how your script will sound in my voice. No obligation. No pressure.