Boston Accent Voiceover

boston accent voiceover

If you want an authentic Boston accent, you need to go with a local.

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My Boston Accent is perfect for:

TV/Radio Commercials and Internet Ads

Video Narration

Character Voices

Podcast Intros/Outros


And more!

Only a Local Gets It Right.

Hi, I’m Jim. I’ve lived my entire life in Boston. I love my city, and I love to do it proud. If you’re looking for an authentic Boston or New England Accent voice over for your project, you need to hire a local. No one else gets it right.

See, the Boston Accent is actually more subtle than you’d think. Yes, we drop our Rs at the end of words, but we also add them in where they don’t belong. Florida becomes Florider. Idea becomes idear. If someone asks you if you’ve seen the latest movie, you might respond, “Yeah, I sawr it.”

Like other accents, we also smoosh words together into more efficient ways to say things. “Did you eat yet?” turns into “Jooz eat yet?” or sometimes even just “Jeet yet?”

The Boston Accent can be over-the-top, like in the Hyundai Smaht Pahk commercial. Or, it can be subtle and nuanced. I know the difference, and I can play it up or keep it subtle.

So, if you want a realistic Boston Accent voiceover, contact me today for a free audition and quote.

New England is a special place. Those of us who live here are fiercely proud of it, and we love to share it with visitors from all over the world. One of the ways we do it is by celebrating our unique accent. We are not ashamed of our way of speaking, and truth be told, we definitely love to flaunt it when we travel to other parts of the country. If you want to learn how to speak like a true New Englander or Bostonian, let me show you.