Audio Tour Voiceover

audio tour voiceover

There’s no reason your museum or attraction shouldn’t have a self-guided audio tour.

Let Your Visitors Tour The Way They Want

There will always be a need for educated docents and experienced tour guides. But in today’s fast-paced world, most visitors want to entertained and see the highlights of your attraction. And with social distancing becoming the norm, group tours are all but impossible.

Let visitors tour the way they want by offering a self-guided audio tour.

Most folks want to control how and when they tour.

The Old Way

audio tour voiceover jimkirkvo Jim Kirk the voice of america's dad
  • Audio tours used to require expensive specialized equipment that needed to be maintained, updated, and cleaned.
  • Once the audio tour voiceover was uploaded, it had to stay that way until a major change was necessary.
  • Maybe you still use equipment like this.
  • Now, you don’t have to.

Letting your visitors control their experience is now easier than ever.

The Future of Audio Tour Voiceover:

B.Y.O.D. – Bring Your Own Device

Think about it. Each visitor to your attraction carries their own audio tour device in their pocket – their smartphone! Simply posting audio clips to your website – or even better publishing them as a podcast – lets visitors make the most of their experience. How they want, when they want.

  • You don’t have to maintain and replace expensive equipment.
  • You don’t have to clean audio players and headphones after each use (especially now!)
  • You can update your tour with one simple upload to your website.
  • Combine your tour with video or images and now you have a virtual tour for schools and visitors who can’t visit in person.

Bring your experience up to date with the conversational, warm audio tour voiceover your visitors will love:

The Voice of America’s Dad.

Yes, I’m The Voice of America’s Dad because my voice has that just-right combination of calming authority (I sound like I know what I’m talking about) and genuine warmth (I sound like I care… and I do!). Who better to guide your visitors through your museum, attraction, or city than a dad?

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