So You’ve Caught the Voice-Over Bug, Huh?

Me too. I’ve had it for a while. I bet you have, too. For me, it’s always been that voice that announces the parades and shows at Disney “in just fifteen minutes” and reminds everyone to “remain in the same location until the lights return to normal.” I’ve always wanted to be that voice. (Disney, if you’re reading… I’m available!) Anyway, if you’re like me, there has always been that voice in your head (who does that voice-over?) telling you that you could be the next big voice. You’ve always dreamed of being a particular voice for a product or service or experience. Maybe people have told you that you have a great voice and should be in radio. Well, that’s me, too. I’m with you.

I ‘m just getting started myself. This is actually my second attempt at voice-overs. My first was in my early twenties. I thought I was going to be the next big thing. Boy, was I wrong. I had no recording space, lived with a bunch of loud roommates, and didn’t want to put in the time and energy to make it work. Now, I’m in my late thirties, a dad, husband, and middle school teacher. I love my life, but I’m coming back around to voice over because I want to see if I can make something out of it. Maybe it will just be a side-hustle. And that’s fine. Maybe it will give me some extra income each month. Or maybe it will become a full-time job. Who knows? We’ll see where it goes.

But I’m writing this post to welcome you to join me on this journey, especially if you are like me and just starting out or getting into voice-over. There are lots of professional voice actors out there, and it can be intimidating when you don’t know what you’re doing or where to even start. Well, I’m here for you. I’m in the same boat. So, let’s go on this journey together, okay? I’m looking for some companions with which to share the trials and tribulations of getting started in this industry, and I’m looking to document my experiences and my journey in the event that this actually goes anywhere. So, if you’re interested in voice-overs and are just getting started, let’s do this together.

I’d love to do some future blog posts on things like great voice actors to follow and train with, websites to promote your business, how to do certain technical things when recording, how and where to find business, experiences I’ve had in voice-over as they happen, etc. I’m on this journey and for some reason, I feel the need to share. So I hope you’ll join me.

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Hi there! I'm a Boston-area voice over artist with a friendly and relatable voice. I'm reliable and responsive and bring many years of experience as a popular middle school teacher into the studio with me. Your success is my success, so let's work together to make your project amazing.

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